getting started…

hi everyone and welcome to the blog. (i think that’s what the kids call it?) i’m going to be making posts here related to my training, bike refurb and probably other random stuff. for now, i have some social media links to share…

i’m on facebook: rae-rides
and instagram (where i post my adventures in art, science and cycling): @raefaba
there’s a brand new youtube channel where i will keep my crusher videos: rae rides

over the next few days i will be putting together my calendar of mtb races. if there are public training rides, those will also be included. lisa and i love having friends to play with, so if you want to come out and ride with us (or just say HI if you see us somewhere) please feel free. because those races will be in addition to my required stelleri racing schedule you’re welcome to offer me an entry fee sponsorship and i’ll put you on my jersey.

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