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those of you who have spent enough time with me will have eventually heard about how much of a joe rogan fangirl i am. i listen to pretty much every episode of his podcast, but i especially enjoy shows he has with endurance athletes.

earlier this week while i was sick and trying to get some desk work done, i listened to this cast with zach bitter, who currently holds a world record for running 100 miles in just under 11 hours and 20 minutes. (yeah, running is for squirrels but this guy is super impressive- 100 miles at 7 mph??!)

of course it was a conversation that drifted all over the place covering diet, training cycles, preparation for endurance races and logistics, but this one bit in particular really hit me:

people keep asking me “why are you doing this?” and eventually, if people question you enough you start to question yourself. since i’ve been sick for the last week, i’ve caught myself laying in bed thinking, “why the fuck AM i doing this. why would ANYONE do this?” somewhere in the depths of my internal universe there is an echo that returns whenever i ask:

because you love it.

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