team mandalore on strava

team mandalore now has a strava club:

training rides, mock races and general shit talk will be available there, so sign up if you’re interested! we’ll also be making decals this year for helmets and bikes, but you’ll have to be on the strava group to get some.

the first team challenge is the rapha festive 500. smash 500k between dec 24th and dec 31st (or just sign up and do your best ks, that’s coolio too):

i’ll be posting my festive rides there and meetup points if you want to tag along. first ride is the burrito50, tuesday dec 24th, to kick off the festive with a tasty lunch. 50+ miles will give you a little leeway- you’ll need to make 40 miles per day for all of the 8 day challenge.

good luck, bounty hunters! i’ll see you on the road (at least until the trails freeze over nicely)


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