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here in ohio, there’s not any great way to train for a sandy, rocky 2 day ride. what i can do is put down as much seat time on my mountain bike as possible as the 2020 season starts. i’ll be out at all my favourite trails (say hi if you see me or lisa!) but a racing environment is more controlled and will allow me to monitor my progress more accurately.

i’m working on a calendar of races i will be attending. as always, sponsors are greatly appreciated. the calendar was last updated March 3: i have made bold the events for which i am already registered.

1/25/20COMBO Winter Race 1Chestnut Ridge, OH
2/1/20Road Apple Roubaix Preview RideGarrettsville, OH
3/7/20Road Apple RoubaixGarrettsville, OH
3/8/20OMBC TecumsehChillicothe, OH
3/21/20Dead Man CrossingChillicothe, OH
4/18/20The Athens Gravel ChallengeThe Plains, OH
4/19/20OMBC MohicanLoudenville, OH
5/2/20Black Fork Gravel GrinderGlenmont, OH
5/9/20OMBC Vultures KnobWooster, OH
5/16/20331 Reign of Pain 6 HourCamp Tuscazoar
5/21/20Grand Barn at MohicanLoudenville, OH
5/30/20OMBC Mohican MTB 100Loudenville, OH
6/20/20331 Austin Badger XCMedina, OH
7/5/20331 Medina TTMedina, OH
7/18/20The CrusherMichigan UP

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