quarantine lifting?

here in the fine state of ohio, the grand high mucketymucks have begun to lift the stay at home orders. trails have mostly been open through the spring and the crew and i have been getting out as much as we can, despite the weather system’s grand mal seizures. (no joke it was 75 degrees and i got a sunburn last week but less than 4 days later there was an inch of snow on the ground. it is MAY, for the record, and we are not in the youp.)

me & yellowman at mohican, AT mohican, doing the “degens from upcountry” thing, right before the snow started.

training and racing:
i’ll be revising the race / training schedule as events begin to solidify. it looks like may is a bust, but in june, tentatively on my list is the 331 racing series xc at austin badger, the snakebite racing wadsworth criterium, and many many laps at west branch when it opens up some time after may 16th. team mandalore’s monthly challenge is metric centuries. if you’re not on the strava club, find it here: https://www.strava.com/clubs/mandalore

bike junk:
lisa’s one by conversion is pretty nice- i used the bailout 22 tooth cog on mohican’s F.U. Hill last week and was very pleased with the results. still loving the new skins and did a first go without socks on my new mtb sandals! i’m also waiting for luggage and battery packs to come in so i can do some testing this week.

sponsors etc et all:
kent cycle and mountain road are open, with some state required conditions, for all your cycling needs. make sure during these strange times you support your local bike shop. our community needs them to stay open for years to come!

i hope this short note finds you all well and safe and at least slightly motivated. i look forward to seeing everyone at some races soon, whether they be road or dirt!

love and thanks, to jah and all my friends,

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