bike and supplies

a mtb called lisa: a 26″ 2010 kona kula lisa, size xs. a pretty basic hardtail that can be easily set up for crusher, but she’ll need some mods.

the first problem with lisa is her tiny frame- she needs a frame bag and some kind of a rack for carrying supplies and tools. another problem could be her drivetrain. as a 3-by, she’s complex- not always so great in a sandy environment.

additionally, the crusher will require a bunch of things i never thought i would need… a GPS is required, for example, because there will likely be no cell service. and with lisa loaded up with bags, a hydration pack is the only option. it’s hot in the middle of summer up north and a pack only holds so much… former participants recommend a water filtration system of some kind.

below is a list of things. if you have something to donate, please send a note on the contact form. list to be updated!

entry fee$250DGMR
first aid kit$20
jersey$90Double-Wing Brewing Co.
4 26″ mtb tubes$34
26″ mtb tyres x2$140Shenanigans Cycling / Kent Cycle
2 bolt sandals$100Randal Lowry & Associates
banjo bros frame bag$40
gps$200PJ’s Church of Speed
usb charger$40
water purification system$70
2 sets straps$24
rechargeable bicycle headlight$50
go pro type camera$139
one-by conversion$200Kent Cycle / DGMR
hydration pack$40DGMR
front bar bag$40shez the cyclist