rae rides!

who is rae? i’m rae!

i’m a multi-disciplinary bike rider from northeast ohio. west branch is my back yard and any place i can pedal a bike is my country. i’m happiest in the woods. my family originally came from the northeastern part of michigan’s mitten, so the crusher is a chance for me to go home and do something really epic.

what is the crusher? it’s a 100 mile enhanced gravel race through northern michigan. it’s committed to equal representation for men and women. it’s sandy and probably hillier than you think, covered in gnarly gravel and water crossings. it’s unsupported. you’ve got 24 hours to get it done.

sounds like my kind of thing.

in 2020, i’m committed to the crusher. can i pedal for 24 hours? sure. do i want to pedal for 24 hours in the youp? you betcha. can i do it without your help? no fuckin way.

here’s the deal: i need help. i need a bunch of stuff. i’m going to be self-supporting and self-navigating for over 100 miles on trails i’ve never ridden before. i have a list of things i need. i have a jersey design waiting for sponsor logos. you can send money or you can donate stuff. all i know is i have half a year to get this planned, do my training, go out and crush michigan.