THIS ITINERARY WAS UPDATED AUGUST 12. due to injury i will be completing my crusher miles in september

“adapt and overcome,” i guess… calling the 2020 racing season a dumpster fire isn’t using strong enough language. things changed pretty drastically for everyone racing the crusher this year- prelim and practise rides largely cancelled, gatherings larger then 10 people prohibited, contingency-only camping and a complete re-routing of the entire map. luckily, the dudes and dudettes from the 906 adventure team have done everything possible to keep us on the trail. nearly all of us have committed to completing the course.

the big change for me: i am riding a 100 mile loop, rather than a 225 mile point-to-point. there is a 225 mile loop available, but with the lack of camping accommodations / ultra races this season i have been unable to do a complete mileage test of my gear. it is likely that i will finish far ahead of the 24 hour limit, taking a mental strain off of me and an electrical strain off of my fairly un-tested charging system.

the update: after incurring a severe right arm injury in late june, i am now looking to the last week in september to make mu crusher attempt.

the itinerary: i’ll be departing ohio early on July 17th for forestville, riding the course on the 18th and then lollygagging my way around the youp and the mitten on my way back home over several days.

during the 24 hour course, i will be available on tracking at:

  • Sept 25th: leave ohio
  • Sept 27th 6am: depart forestville campground
  • Sept 28th 6am: collapse at roughly the start point
  • Sept 29th- 30th: visit the mother country
  • Oct 1st: return to ohio, triumphant

michigan sponsors: i’d love to visit you on my way home. i’ll be hitting you up with details or if you want to hang out at forestville or perkins park with me, please let me know.