staying motivated in tough times. not so much.

i can’t lie. (seriously, ask anyone who knows me!) this whole covid flu thing has me really down.

i work for myself creating commission art and teaching recreational painting classes. due to the closures and limits on people gathering in one place i have little or nothing to do until things begin to return to normal. it took less than 3 days off the job before i found myself wandering my home and studio spaces glassy eyed, hungry and bored. boredom hunger is a cruel mistress.

without organised races to look forward to keeping to my strict training plan has been a real struggle.

usa cycling has suspended all races & sanctioned events until may 3. non-usac races such as ombc and the ohio gravel series have also been cancelled or postponed indefinitely. the calendar hanging on my wall is covered in sharpied-out race notes. when summit freewheelers canceled the entire races at the lake crit series, i almost cried. i would have cried, but it was early in the morning and i was dehydrated from going to bed with mr. bourbon the night before.

i’m trying to be kind to myself. i train 5-7 days a week year ’round. i won’t lose any endurance or muscle tone if i slack for a week while i try to get my head around what will likely be my new lifestyle for several months. it’s not like i’m not riding- i still ride every day, it’s maintaining the structure of my workout plan that’s killing me.

where’s the exit on this thing?

as the struggle bus chugs along, bent rims and all, destination no-racing-season-ville, i’m trying to find ways to get myself motivated again… but got-dam it’s hard.

today i have a weightlifting day scheduled. i’m going to do that and hit my heavy bag for a while because it looks like ohio’s expecting storms. if it passes or is at least pass-able i’ll try to get on track with a sprint session on friday.

conditions permitting, i will be at mohican this saturday, running a lap with yellow. chasing him in the woods usually lifts my spirits and with any luck, lisa’s new tyres will be here and i can experience one of my favourite trails with some super good skins for the first time in 2 seasons.

keep your sticks on the ice. we’re all in this together, hopefully it clears up quickly.

ps- it’s 1:30 in the morning on thursday. i am drinking wine and eating chocolate. this may actually be rock bottom.