better late than never for the best time ever!

last week i was cleared by my physicians to start riding without a brace. this was to include some drop bar road riding to strengthen my tendon and even some “light” mountain bike riding, no big hills no obstacles without brace. instead, i chose to race the mclain farm gravel event- a highly challenging, extra rocky, extra up and downhill nightmare of a course in jefferson county. it was awesome! and my arm felt great, despite a number of colleagues screaming, “OMG where is your brace??!” as if you guys thought i was really gonna FOLLOW follow doctors’ orders…

me, meatballing it around jefferson county. (yes, i gained a little weight during my convalescence.)

in other “racing” news, i finished the turbo gravel tt #2 2 weeks ago, with brace… since i figured there was no way i would be competitive in the womens open category in that heinously crippling plastic p.o.s. i decided to enter the “worst bike for the ride” category on my (you guessed it) 26er. hey! they SPECIFICALLY mentioned “26 hardtail” as a bad choice. i put down a pretty decent time anyways and had an absolute blast.

if you are speeding around causing mayhem on a 26″ hardtail, please feel free to use the new team mandalore tag #revengeofthe20siths … i’ll be searching it regularly and awarding prizes. team mandalore has some big news and updates coming up, so you might wanna keep in touch.

my bike shop sponsor, kent cycle, has been ramping up our social and training rides as the covid restrictions begin to lift a little here in ohio and i’ve been enjoying having compact bars back on my fixed gear. i didn’t get the bike back together in time to put down an eott virtual effort, though.

since my no-brace-on-bike results have been so good, i’m looking toward completing my crusher miles the last week of september. monday the 28th is yom kippur… i cannot think of a better way to spend the day of atonement than leaving all this year’s bad shit on the crusher course.